When I first saw the kettlebell Ampd workouts I was curious, but when I saw it was 45 minutes long I was thinking I would never survive that long of a workout. However with some positive peer pressure and a kettlebell appearing on my doorstep I decided to try it. Best decision!! Within 1 month I was comfortably in my jeans that were a little too tight.   I’ve been on twice a week for a few months now and 45 minutes is fast when you are having fun while sweating. I look forward to my classes with the witty and fun instructor Tonya. She always provides a modification and doesn’t make you feel bad if you need that modification.  Highly recommend this class with Tonya.

Tammy - Connecticut

I love Tonya’s Pilates workouts. I’ve searched for Pilates videos and I can’t find anything that I remotely like. I can’t even do them because either the instructor is annoying or the moves aren’t what I’m looking for. Tonya’s classes are a good balance and over the summer I saw such improvement in my core. Love all her workouts but Pilates and Top of the Mat are my absolute favs!

Katie - Connecticut

100% not feeling it this morning.  My energy was low and I had to modify moves to be a little less intense, but I showed up! Also what I love about Tonya‘s chair fitness is that it is so easy to modify for those who need it in for the chronically ill with varying energy levels.

Candy - South Carolina

I always thought I’d write the book entitled “I Despise Exercise!“… Hated it, bored with it, didn’t want to take the time. Then an attack of conscience and a gentle nudge from Tonya “forced“ a trial run one Monday morning. Hate turned to love, boredom turned to interest, and time flew by. I felt and thought differently after just one class and I’m hooked after just one week! Thanks, Tonya, for making a difference in my sluggish attitude.

Elayne - South Carolina

I love Pilates because of Tonya. I love her music choices it adds to the fun and the time just flies by.  Her classes also add structure to a busy day while giving us an excellent workout.   It makes me feel good to pursue the rest of the day with a smile on my face. 

Gloria - Connecticut